BMW D7 Marine Engine Workshop, Manual Service and Repair Gui

Download BMW D7 Marine Engine Workshop, Manual Service and Repair Gui

The BMW D7 Marine Engine is a four-stroke diesel engine with direct injection and open-circuit cooling system. The Neoprene impeller of the coolant pump is driven directly from the crankshaft. Electric starter and flywheel alternator are standard equipment. The injection system is fitted with automatic bleeding.

This workshop manual, repair and service guide describes complete procedures for dismantling, overhaul and assembly of the BMW D7 marine engine. This workshop manual is divided into sections as follows:

Removing cylinder head, included in this section: preparation, valve mechanism, valves, cylinder head, cylinder.
Removing gearbox, this section covers: starter, reversing gear, bearing cover, hand crank mechanism, connecting rod, piston, fuel pump, timing gear cover, fuel regulator, crankshaft, valve lifters, camshaft.
Assemble crankshaft
Assemble cylinder head, this section contains: cylinder, cylinder head, valves, valve mechanism, hoses and pipes, adjustment procedures for valve clearance and valve timing, decompression lever, automatic decompression.
Fuel System: injection valve, injection pump, and engine speed removal/ adjustment and checking procedures.
Air filter
Electrical system: wiring diagram, generator, and starter motor
Water Pump

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