BMW E21 320i Workshop-Service-Repair manual 75-83.

Download BMW E21 320i Workshop-Service-Repair manual 75-83.

BMW E21 3 series 320i complete factory workshop/service/repair manuals in PDF format for 1975-1983!

The manual in PDF format covers the 320i, 320iA, 320i(1.8L), 320iA(1.8L) model and has about 700 pages detailing every repair, maintenance, procedure, specs, data…in factory specific high detail and great quality.

Both carburetor and fuel injected engines are covered in the workshop manual.
Carburetor type covered is the Solex 4A1. Fuel injection type covered is the Bosch K-jetronic injection.

Also the electrical wiring diagrams are color coded so they are easy to use for troubleshooting.

No installation required since this is a straight forward PDF manual and all you need is Adobe Reader version 6 or newer.
Works perfectly on any Windows and Mac operating system as long as you have Adobe Reader installed.

Chapters of the workshop manuals are:

00 Maintenance and General Hints
11 Engine
12 Engine Electrical
13 Fuel Supply and Adjustment
16 Fuel Tank and Lines
17 Radiator
18 Exhaust System
21 Clutch
23 Manual Transmission
24 Automatic Transmission
25 Gearshift Mechanism
26 Drive/Propeller Shaft
31 Front Axle
32 Steering and Wheel Alignment
33 Rear Axle
34 Brakes
35 Pedal Assembly
36 Wheels and Tires
41 Body
51 Body-Interior Equipment
52 Seats
54 Sliding Roof
61 Chassis Electrical
62 Instruments
63 Lights
64 Heating and AC System
65 Radio and Accessories
72 Equipment Parts and Accessories for Engine and Chassis

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