BMW K1200LT Workshop Repair Service & Troubleshooting Manual

Download BMW K1200LT Workshop Repair Service & Troubleshooting Manual

This workshop, repair, service and troubleshooting manual apply for BMW K1200RS motorcycle series. This repair manual will help you to perform all the main maintenance and repair work correctly and efficiently. If it is consulted regularly by workshop personnel it will form a useful addition to the theoretical and practical.

The service manual is divided into following sections:

Maintenance and General Information, describes detail of tightening torques, table of operating fluids, key to maintenance interval, changing engine oil and renewing oil filter element, gearbox oil exchange, rear wheel drive oil exchange, spark plugs, fuel filter, checking hose unions on fuel system, renewing coolant, etc.

Engine, consists of removing engine, dismantling engine, and assembling the engine

Engine Electrical System, gives details of renewing hall-effect transmitter, renewing spark plugs and ignition leads, timing the ignition, removing and installing coils, renewing alternator, removing and installing starter motor,

Fuel Tank and Lines, outlines detail of removing and installing fuel tank, removing/installing fuel pump assembly, fuel filter and fuel pump, removing and installing immersed level sensor, etc.

Cooling System, contains detail procedures of renewing, adding, and draining coolant, removing and installing radiator with fan, removing and installing thermostat.

Exhaust System, describes procedures of removing and installing exhaust system, oxygen sensor, and exhaust system valve.

Clutch, removing and installing clutch, clutch slave cylinder, and clutch release rod, removing and installing clutch pressure lines and vent line.

Front Fork, explains the procedures of removing and installing telescopic fork, fork bridge, slider tube bridge, front suspension strut, steering damper, leading ink, link pivot mount, etc.

Steering, gives detail information about removing and installing left and right grip tube, clutch lever fitting, brake lever fitting, left and right handlebar tube, throttle cable, renewing brake fluid for clutch operation.

Rear Wheel Drive, provides detail procedures of removing, dismantling, reassembling, and installing rear wheel drive, renewing taper roller bearing in rear wheel drive, input bevel pinion, crwon wheel, adjusting backlash, etc


Brakes, removing and installing front/rear brake caliper, front/rear brake disc, ABS sensor, adjusting front/rear ABS sensor, brake lever fitting, brake master cylinder, removing/installing ABS control unit and ABS relay,

Wheels and Tyres, removing and installing front wheel, wheel bearings, checking front/rear wheel rim for runout, static balancing of front/rear wheel.

Frame, provides detail information and procedures of removing/installing/adjusting dualseat, removing/installing front mudguard, rear section and rear carrier section, fairing, heat shield, grab handle, pannier case carrier.

Equipment, provides detail procedures and instruction on how to raise the frame, removing starter/alternator, clutch and gearbox, lowering frame, removing and installing ignition switch/steering lock, fuel tank lock barrel, etc.

General Electrical System, give brief instruction on how to removing and installing battery, battery holder and electronic equipment box, wiring harness, relay position in electronic equipment box, etc.

Instruments, consists of procedures of renewing instrument cluster, wiring colors, removing and installing instrument cluster, removing and installing wiring harness.
and Lights.

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